Snacks & Bites

Snacks & Bites 12:00 - 21:00

Lovely To Share

Always enough for 2 persons


Plate with the finest cuts served with marinated olives and bread


Cheese Tasting

A selection of tasty cheeses served with mustard mayonnaise, honey, walnuts and land bread


Tuna tataki

Sesame crusted, slightly seared, tuna served with wasabi and soy sauce


Sashimi Mix

Mixed raw slices of local caught tuna, scallops and salmon with different dips


Foodies Bites Surprise Mixed Platter

Let the chef surprise you with a mixed platter of bites


Bay Side Seafood Plate

Mixed raw and warm seafood, great to share, served with different dips



Bread & spread

Plate with different bread with a nice selection of homemade spreads and dips



Van Dobben Bitterballs served with mustard

$11.75 (9pcs)

Beer battered Fish

Pieces of local caught fish with tartar sauce


Hot Chicken Wings

Marinated chicken wings and legs, a bit spicy, served with barbecue sauce

$14.75 (9pcs)

Sweet Honey Ribs

Honey flavored ribs served with barbecue sauce and garlic dip