Kids Meals

Kids Meals 12:00 - 21:00

Special selected for the kids

Smaller portions then our regular dishes. For kids up to 12 years


Typically dutch snack/fries/mixed salad/mayonnaise



Typically dutch snack (6 pieces)/fries/mixed salad/mayonnaise


Pasta carbonara

Pancetta/cream/egg/Parmesan cheese/arugula/garlic/pine nuts/spaghetti


Chicken sate

Tender chicken/deep-fried onions/prawn crackers/atjar/peanut sauce/fries • salad/mayonnaise


Plate sweet honey ribs

Sweet marinated ribs/fries/salad/mayonnaise


Bacon & Cheese Burger

Beef burger/bacon/fried onions/mixed salad/tomato/pickles/cheddar cheese/mayonnaise/ketchup