Easy Food District

Our 'easy food district' means, easy dishes, upgraded to our great “Foodies” level. All the products we use are selected for their high quality. These dishes can be ordered all day.


Vegetable Truffle Burger

Burger of fresh beer battered vegetables/pan fried mushrooms/mixed salad/Gouda cheese/balsamic and truffle mayonnaise


Foodies Burger

Pure beef burger, topped with bacon pan fried onions, mixed salad, tomato, pickles, cheddar cheese and Foodies burger sauce


Chicken Burger

Burger of crispy chicken, topped with mixed salad, tomato, red onion, cucumber and curry sauce


Chicken Sateh

Tender chicken/deepfried onions/prawn crackers/atjar/home made peanut sauce


Schnitzel plate

Crusted pork schnitzel/lime/creamy mushroom sauce


Pasta Carbonara

Pancetta/cream/egg/Parmesan cheese/arugula/garlic/pine nuts/spaghetti


Pasta sun dried tomato

Sun dried tomatoes/basil/cashew nuts/Parmesan cheese/spring onions/garlic/olives/penne pasta


Pasta Bolognese

Minced beef • tomato • Parmesan cheese • arugula • garlic • spaghetti