Easy Food District

Our 'easy food district' means, easy dishes, upgraded to our great “Foodies” level. All the products we use are selected for their high quality. These dishes can be ordered all day.


All burgers are served with crispy fresh fries

Foodies Burger

Pure 8 oz. beefburger/bacon/fried onions/crispy iceberg/tomato/pickles/cheddar cheese/burger sauce


Bay side burger

Burger of shrimps and local caught fish/mixed salad/fresh coleslaw/cucumber/red onion/tartar sauce


Vegetable Truffle Burger

Fresh vegetables in beer batter/pan fried mushrooms/red cabbage/Gouda cheese/balsamic and truffle mayonnaise



All skewers are served with fresh green salad and crispy fresh fries

Chicken Sateh

Tender chicken/deepfried onions/prawn crackers/atjar/home made peanut sauce


Truffle Beef Skewer

Pieces of marinated tenderloin/red onion/bellpepper/truffle and mushroom sauce


Foodies Plate Service

All plates are served with fresh green salad and crispy fresh fries

Schnitzel plate

Crusted pork schnitzel/lime/creamy mushroom sauce


Plate sweet honey ribs

Sweet marinated ribs/garlic dip/barbecue dip


Steak plate

Tender Dutch steak/land bread/herb butter/pan-fried/mushrooms


Risotto & Pasta

Pasta Carbonara

Pancetta/cream/egg/Parmesan cheese/arugula/garlic/spaghetti


Pasta Sundried Tomato

Sun dried tomatoes/basil/cashew nuts/Parmesan cheese/spring onions/garlic/olive oil/penne pasta


Pasta shrimp and clams

Fresh clams/shrimps/white wine/garlic/parsley/cherry tomatoes/spinach leaves/linguini


Pasta Filetto Di Manzo Con Tartufo

Tenderloin pieces/sauce of red wine/mushrooms/parmesan cheese/aceto di balsamico/pancetta/truffle/arugula/tagliatella


Risotto e tartufello

Risotto/cream/truffle/mushrooms/arugula/Parmesan cheese/fresh vegetables


Today’s catch

Ask your waiter what our local fisherman caught for you today (daily Changing price)


Poke Bowls

Poke began with fishermen, seasoning the cut-offs from their catch to serve as a snack. Traditional poke seasonings have been heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines.

Crazy Tuna

Sushi rice/marinated fresh tuna/sesame seeds/avocado/wakame/red onion/wasabi mayonnaise


Healthy Super Foods

Red quinoa/edamame/cashew nuts/Goji berries/chia seeds/flaxseed/blueberries/raspberries


Salmon & Scallops

Noodles/Norwegian salmon/scallops/wakame/radish/cucumber/lime/yuzu mayonnaise


Marinated Beef Tenderloin

Unmilled rice/tenderloin strips/mushrooms/red cabbage/sweet corn/pancetta/edamame/sauce of red wine and truffle


Lovely To Share

Always enough for 2 persons


Plate with the finest cuts served with marinated olives and bread


Cheese Tasting

A selection of tasty cheeses, served with mustard mayonnaise, honey, walnuts and bread


Meat & Cheese

Difficult to choose between the charcuterie or cheese tasting? Make it a mix of the both


Tuna tataki

Sesame crusted, slightly seared, tuna served with wasabi and soy sauce


Sashimi Mix

Mixed raw slices of local caught tuna, scallops and salmon with different dips


Oysters Fines de Claire

Six pieces of oysters served raw or grated with Parmesan cheese


Foodies Bites Surprise Mixed Platter

Let the chef surprise you with a mixed platter of bites


Meat to the max platter

This platter is all about meat. Let us surprise you with an amazing selection of warm and cold items


Seafood Plate

Mixed raw and warm seafood, great to share, served with different dips



Bread & spread

Plate with different bread with a nice selection of homemade spreads and dips


Breaded Chicken

Marinated tender pieces of chicken thighs breaded with breadcrumbs/rum Rincon barbecue sauce

$9.75 (5pcs) $14.75 (9pcs)


Van Dobben Bitterballs/mustard

$11.75 (9pcs) $16.75 (15pcs)

Beer battered Fish

Pieces of local caught fish with tartar sauce


Sweet Honey Ribs

Honey flavored ribs served with barbecue sauce and garlic dip