12:00 - 21:00


Bread & spread

Plate with different bread with a nice selection of homemade spreads and dips


Truffle Carpaccio

Truffle marinated thinly sliced beef/pine nuts/parmesan cheese/arugula/truffle/balsamic mayonnaise


Vitello Tonnato

Thinly sliced veal/tuna mayonnaise/mixed lettuce/deep fried capers/red onion/olives/pickles


Tuna Appetizer

Duo of local caught tuna/sesame crusted slightly seared tataki/marinated tartar with a dressing of sesame and soy/wasabi mayonnaise/wakame


Shrimps & Scallops

Seared scallops/garlic marinated shrimps/sauce of curry and coconut/mixed lettuce


Steak Tartar

Marinated tartar of beef tenderloin/onion/capers/Worcestershire sauce/egg yolk/pickles/arugula


Lovely To Share Starters

Sashimi mix

Mixed raw slices of local caught tuna, scallops and salmon with different dips.
Fresh and 'Lovely To Share' so enough to get started for 2 persons



Plate with the finest cold cuts served with marinated olives and land bread


Starter Salads

A small salad to start your dinner


Mixed salad/thin sliced Parma ham/pine nuts/Parmesan cheese/olives/cherry tomatoes/dressing of fresh basil


Goat cheese

Mixed salad/raspberry’s/roasted cashew/goji berries/goat cheese/raspberry-honey dressing



Mixed salad/fresh tuna/olives/capers/red onion/boiled egg/crispy string beans/Foodies house dressing



Homemade and tasty, served with land bread

Truffle & Mushrooms

Creamy soup with fresh mushrooms and flavored with truffle


Today's Soup

Daily changing soup. Ask your waiter for today’s option


Main Courses

Special Of The Day

Ask your waiter what our special is for today. A daily changing dish, served with daily changing sauce



Steak Tartar

Marinated tartar of raw beef tenderloin perfect cut by hand, served with red onion, capers, Worcestershire, egg yolk, pickles and arugula


Grain fed beef tenderloin

Most mellow part of Brazilian beef served with a sauce of red wine and truffle


Rack of lamb

Frenched lamb rack for the lovers of meat served with a crust of fresh herbs and a Balsamic glaze



All our main courses are served with daily fresh vegetables, crispy fries and garlic pasta

Today’s catch

Ask our waiter what our local fisherman caught for you today


Tuna tataki

Signature dish, probably the island’s best. Local caught, doesn’t get fresher. With our Foodies sesame-soy sauce and wasabi mayonnaise


Seafood Trio

Try-Out with our catch of the day, shrimps and seared scallops served with a changing sauce


Salmon & Scallops

Fresh Norwegian salmon fillet accompanied with seared scallops and a white wine sauce


Giant Shrimps

Big shrimps served head on with a sauce of curry and coconut


Pasta & Risotto

Pasta filetto di Manzo

Tenderloin pieces/sauce of red wine/mushrooms/parmesan cheese/aceto di balsamico • pancetta/truffle/arugula/tagliatella


Risotto e tartufello

Risotto/cream/truffle/mushrooms/shii take/arugula/Parmesan cheese


Pasta shrimp and clams

Fresh clams/shrimps/white wine/garlic/spring onions/cherry tomatoes/linguini


Lovely to Share

Foodies bites mixed platter

Let the chef surprise you with a mixed platter of bites. This is our premium dish 'Lovely To Share' so enough for 2 persons


Bay Side Seafood plate

Mixed raw and warm seafood. Great to share, served with different dips


Sashimi mix

Mixed raw slices of local caught tuna, scallops and salmon with
different dips. Fresh and 'Lovely To Share' so enough for 2 persons



Classic NY Cheesecake

Foodies style cheesecake of this absolute classic cake with a crust of Bastogne
cookies. Served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream


Crème brûlée Frangelico

The classic crème, but with white chocolate and a whiff of Frangelico liquor. Served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream


Chocolate Brownie Pie

Home made brownie pie of dark chocolate, served with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream


Create your own ice cream

Choose to create your own ice cream and pick between the flavors:
Vanilla, Chocolate, Stracciatella, Strawberry, Malaga, Lemon, Mocca (price per scoop)



Try one of our wines to pair your dessert

Viognier, Malamado, Familia Zuccardi, Argentina

Golden sweet with elegant and fruity aromas such as dried apricots, almonds and honey.{newliFruit based desserts


Malbec, Malamado, Familia Zuccardi, Argentina

Rich and ripe with a well-balanced sweetness. Immensely concentrated with bramble and raisin character.
Vanilla and chocolate desserts